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“Excellent care, very kind & compassionate. Dr. Price is a brilliant clinician who found a small tumor (near brain stem). When I was having difficulty getting second yearly follow-up, Dr. Price stepped in. I truly believe she saved my life…because of her skill, I am being monitored by a neurosurgeon who told me “it was caught at a size that could be treated with focused beam radiation, instead of surgery”. Dr. Price is STELLAR in her skill. She is my angel MD.” -Barbara

“To my dearest Angel Friend, Dr. Price…..Thank you. Thank you for loving your profession because more than a profession it is your calling. You definitely touched my life with your gentleness, kindness and dedication and deeply inspire love and care. You set high standards in the quality of your work and I notice that your staff also share these qualities with you as well. In my life, you have made a huge difference. I want to sincerely thank you for healing my eyes. Thank you for encouraging me and for taking the time to discuss all of my results. YOU are without a doubt, an awesome knowledgeable Dr. I pray that even though I have completed my treatment at Carolina Glaucoma PA, we will remain friends and keep in touch throughout our lives. I hope and pray you have many accomplishments in your field and many very happy days ahead of you!” -Myra

“I recently was diagnosed with shingles on my face and around my left eye. I was referred to Dr. Price by my primary care doctor as he was concerned my eye was becoming compromised. Dr. Price appeared very knowledgeable, examined my eye thoroughly and prescribed an ophthalmic ointment. Dr. Price told me to contact her at any time if I experienced any further complications. When I believed the shingles to be spreading further, I contacted Dr. Price on a Saturday and she opened her office in order to examine me with no charge. I appreciate the quality care I received and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Price.” -Bill

“Dr. Price, you and your staff made me so comfortable and allowed my worries and anxiety to just melt away. You told me to tell my regular eye doctor thank you for sending me for further treatment as I was in the first stage of glaucoma. You stopped the progression and I dearly thank you! I still have one more eye to go, see you soon and I thank you.” -Ruthie

“First off I would like to share my story so you all know how amazing Dr. Price and her staff are! Monday night we found an object in our baby girl Isabella’s right eye and Tuesday morning I took her to her pediatrician to see if they could help get it out! Our doctor had no luck so she referred us to Dr. Price who was the ER doc on call. When we pulled into the parking lot I realized it was for patients with glaucoma and I was hesitant but I knew our pediatrician knew what she was doing! As soon as we walked into the door it was a warm welcome! The receptionist offered to help me fill out the paperwork and took us to another waiting area which was more reclusive! Then the office manager came in to see if she could help me because the baby was being fussy and you could tell I was about to break! She walked around with the baby and was treating her like she was her own grandchild! Then we met Dr. Price and what an angel she was! Right away she told me she would have to operate to get the wood out of her eye because of the location of it and she knew it would be safer that way! I was so scared that they were going to have to put our baby to sleep, but she reassured me that she would take care of my baby! When we arrived at pre-op Dr. Price came in and explained that someone from her office did the most amazing thing. They had bought Isabella a new crib because come to find out it was a piece of the wood from her crib that was in her eye! The surgery was successful and Dr. Price was able to remove the wood from her eye and there was no damage! I believe God led us to her and it was God that guided her hands through the operation to make sure our little girl was okay. Dr. Price and her staff are angels with more hospitality and compassion than any other office I have ever been to and I would recommend her to anyone! She is by far the best doctor and she has the best staff around! My heart has a special place for them all! We love you and could never thank you enough!” -Natalie

“Dr. Price, These days there aren’t many doctors that go out of “restrictive bonds of time” for their patients, but I soon learned how blessed I was to be under your care. Truly, I was fearful about the possibility of “temporal arteritis” as I know you were. And believe me, I was grateful that you took the initiative in making arrangements to see other specialists, as my brain seemed to go numb with the possibility of losing my sight. Fortunately, the outcome was good, however, had it been different, I know in my heart that your wonderful nurturing spirit would keep hope alive in the face of uncertainty. Gratefully” -Jaquie

“Dr. Price, Thank you so much for restoring the health of my right eye. A procedure such as this can generate fear, but you eased me through it with your positive and upbeat attitude. You gave me confidence, which is so important. I feel blessed that Dr. Motsinger chose you to be my doctor.” -Jackie

“Dear Dr. Price, You are wonderful! May God continue to work through you to restore the sight in all of your patients eyes. I thank you for diligently taking care of me and making wise choices on my behalf. You and Kathy work great together. I was extremely touched when you offered to pray to God asking for his guidance during surgery. That is awesome. May God continue to work through you. Blessings to you” -Marta

“Dr. Price, Thank you to your crew and to YOU for taking such good care of me and my eyes. Your excellent staff hold the gold standard in which only a few professionals can hope to reach! Sincerely” -Damiene

“Dr. Price, your kindness, love and support have meant so much to me and my family. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be your patient, I always feel safe under your care. Thank you!!” -E and J

“Dr. Price, I wanted to thank you for all your kind care over the last 2 years. My sight is definitely improving and I have you to thank! God bless you and your great staff. Best Wishes” -Mike

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